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Stunning Lash Extensions and Enhancements in Billericay, Essex

Eyelash Extensions

Discover the allure of flawless lashes with Flirty Studios' Eyelash Extensions. Expertly applied in the serene ambiance of our Billericay salon, each extension promises to enhance your natural beauty and add a touch of elegance to your everyday look. Experience the confidence that comes with perfect lashes, crafted just for you.

Russian Volume Lashes - £75

Indulge in the luxurious fullness of Russian Volume Lashes at Flirty Studios. Our expertly crafted, multi-dimensional lashes provide unparalleled volume and depth, offering you a stunning, dramatic look. Perfect for those who desire a bolder, more glamorous appearance, these lashes are a true testament to the art of beauty enhancement in the heart of Billericay, Essex.

Russian Volume Infills - £37.50

Keep your Russian Volume Lashes looking as lush and captivating as day one with our expert Russian Volume Infills service at Flirty Studios. Tailored to maintain the fullness and beauty of your voluminous lashes, this treatment ensures a seamless, refreshed look. Ideal for prolonging the splendor of your lashes, our infills in Billericay, Essex are the secret to enduring glamour.

Hybrid Lashes - £60

Embrace the best of both worlds with our Hybrid Lashes at Flirty Studios. Combining the natural look of classic lashes with the volume of Russian extensions, these lashes offer a beautifully balanced, bespoke appearance. Ideal for those seeking a lush yet understated enhancement, our Hybrid Lashes are meticulously crafted to elevate your everyday style in Billericay, Essex.

Hybrid Infills - £37.50

Maintain the perfect balance of volume and natural elegance with our Hybrid Infills at Flirty Studios. Specially designed to refresh and uphold the exquisite blend of classic and volume lashes, this service ensures your lashes remain flawlessly full and beautifully defined. Ideal for those who adore the hybrid look, our expert infills in Billericay, Essex keep your lashes looking effortlessly stunning.

Classic Lashes - £50

Experience timeless elegance with Flirty Studios' Classic Lashes. Tailored for a natural yet noticeable enhancement, these lashes add length and definition to your eyes, creating a subtly stunning effect. Perfect for everyday beauty or special occasions, our Classic Lashes in Billericay, Essex are the epitome of understated glamour.

Classic Infills - £35

Preserve the pristine beauty of your Classic Lashes with Flirty Studios' Classic Infills. Our expert touch-up service is designed to rejuvenate and sustain the natural, refined look of your lashes, ensuring they continue to enhance your eyes with understated elegance. Perfect for those who cherish the timeless appeal of Classic Lashes, our infills in Billericay, Essex are the key to an enduringly beautiful, subtle lash enhancement.

Lash Lift - £45

Revitalise your natural lashes with our Lash Lift service at Flirty Studios. This innovative treatment gives your own lashes an impressive curl and lift, creating a wide-eyed, rejuvenating look without the need for extensions. Ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance yet impactful eye enhancement, our Lash Lift in Billericay, Essex is your ticket to effortlessly beautiful lashes.

Lash Tint - £10

Enhance the depth and intensity of your lashes with Flirty Studios' Lash Tint service. Perfect for adding rich, lasting color to your natural lashes, this treatment creates a striking effect that makes your eyes pop. Ideal for those looking to streamline their beauty routine while maintaining an impactful look, our Lash Tint in Billericay, Essex offers a simple solution for everyday elegance.

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